I Feel with my Inner Eye

Mental Health Art Festival "Ryšiai", Lithuania, 2021

Let's imagine that our brain is a house. Everything's warm, safe and pieceful there. It's our Home. There's all kinds of things around the house - everything that's sad, angry and many things that make the house tremble to its very core. True and deep resources are inside of the house - it's the feeling with the "insides", true feeling - seeing with the inner eye - that can overcome all the challenges may come.

Ieva has chosen her grandpa's beehive as a symbol for the house / brain. This beehive is a symbol of comminity and inner "noise" which is caressed by the loving grandpa's hands. It's a sense of home and inner strength. Xerography prints are here like "mantras" that are meant to help to feel with the inside - that inner eye. They are framed in Ieva's grandpa's honeycomb frames. Rusted nails and car shock absorber springs are flying around the beehive - as symbols of all the challenges that the beehive has to overcome.

This installation is about anxiety. It's anxiety that makes her want to run, to fall, to throw up, to cry. It brings obssesive thoughts and various uncomfortable body sensations. During her journey Ieva learnt one of the biggest learnings that she calls "message service". These xerography prints are exactly that - something that's created from a deep feeling and transformed into the message that lightens every day.

  • Year: 2021

  • Materials: collected beehive, honeycomb frames, canvas, thread, collected car shock absorber springs, nails.

  • Techniques: xerography, digital printing, rusting

  • Use: installation, print series.


If you're interested in hearing more about the way I work, want to collaborate or purchase a piece, drop a message and I'll contact you as soon as possible.


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