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On this site, we present the fashion house “mali.keli” activities and sell these fashion house designed and manufactured items - clothes, accessories, etc. This information is provided as it is and as much as there is, without any changes to its content, upon request to all visitors to this site, signed our service agreement under which they are granted access to such information.

Personal data subject has the right to demand him to be given access to the personal data of his held by us, and how they are processed, and ask us to provide him such data. Once per calendar year may be provided free of charge, but in other cases, the provision of data can be set remuneration not exceeding the expenses.

Personal data subject has the right to demand us to fix all of his personal data inaccuracies. As well as personal data subject has the right to not accept the processing of his personal data and that they are disclosed to third parties, except where necessary referred to the website services.

The request for access, correction and objection can send e-mail to he application must clearly state your first and last name, user name and registration details (if any).



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